The very first Fabband, inspired by her mothers’ 60’s-chic headbands, was created by the lovely Laura in 2017. Her innovational vision has generated the transformation of the regular hairband into a multipurpose, 2 in 1 style; with funky patterns on one side, and velvet on the other you can dress it up or dress it dowwwwn! 


Laura’s Indian escapade in February 2017 lead her to what she called “fabric heaven”. A moment in the fabric houses where mountains of material piled before her, and one awe-inspiring experience of the block printing process later...ideas were brewing.


On her return, Laura put material to machine and Fabbands was born! Laura chooses the colours and patterns herself - and it is safe to say they match her liveliness and zest for a good time. 


Today, Fabbands celebrates a vibrant variety of hair bands, Alice bands, and scrunchies with plenty more to come...WATCH THIS SPACE!